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Be a entrepreneur and create a mission to impact life’s and make a change in the world by creating a new products and services and break the Limiting beliefs.
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E-Book : Zero to IPO

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Struggling to establish your business?
Are you heading in the right direction?
It means you are entering in entrepreneur world or may be you are already in this big start-up world.

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Masterclass help : In this webinar you will learn:

  • You will know the 5 powerful shifts and put them to work for you to finally have the business you always wanted. Its truly is a necessary ingredienht tat propels and fast tracks your progress.
  • Develop a laser style focus to achieve your short term and long term goals.
  • Learn to remain ahead of your competitors by leveraging your unique signature strength and create new business opportunities
  • You will learn how to be a leader and true entrepreneur, become an expert, establish credibility and build a personal brand
  • Identify the 8 P’s of Business transformation and create a one page business plan.
  • You will have bettter clarity in terms of vision, mission, purpose and Goals for their business, learn the 5 pillars of business and building your team on measureable base of systems and controls, branding and creating effective sales funnels
  • Those who look for better personal development in terms of new skills and techniques leading to better performance in business and new opportunities and profitability or put your faltering business back on track
  • How to take your business to the next level with the one to one coaching

Neeraj Singh Rathore : Successful Business Coach & Book Author Coach

Neeraj Singh Rathore, is a Business Coach and book author coach. Successful Author of book Zero to IPO and several other books, and shares this result driven strategy with you which will help you to start and grow your startup successfully. These time oriented business strategies will help you to achieve your organization’s goals within specific period of time. His sole mission is to help individuals/business owners/teams to achieve greater clarity, focus, and results. Regardless of the size of your company, whether it is solo entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 the aim is to improve the performance of people and increase the company’s bottom line. As business coach, he helps to come up with own solutions, strategies, and action plan for improving the business. The 22 years of constant interaction with top notch clients, both in India and abroad, created a lasting impact on

Neeraj Singh Rathore’s understanding about business success. A Electronics engineer by profession with an MBA, Neeraj also equipped himself with various certification – International Business Coach, PMP and NLP from European Community for NLP and American Board. Infosys, TechM, Convergys were some of the organizations, he learnt to apply his academics, management and technical skill. His personal experience as a startup owner and all the prior ones as an employee, thus gave birth to his current form of a Business Coach. A powerful motivational speaker and Business Coach, has made it his mission to create the most powerful business environment within organization that thrives only on a common goal of productivity and progress. An avid reader and high on curiosity, part of T Harv Eker/Blair Singer/Robert Riopel/Anthony Robbins/David Lincoln/Alex Mandossian/Success Gyan mentoring program and has taken certification courses on NLP, Train the Trainer, psychology, Gestalt, mind mapping, speed reading, Agile/Develops, Project & Program management and also passionate speaker and coach and mentor and conduct regular sessions on business coaching, design thinking and NLP.

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