Corporate Training and Workshops

Corporate Training

Learning, improving and changing at all levels is mandatory for all the organisations and entrepreneurs. One of a powerful way to challenge our limitations is to experience a powerful, experiential and transformational training program.

Strengthen your company from within and you’ll be setting it up for both immediate and long-term success. Get the best corporate training in India; go through an experience that will shift your life at a quantum level with the help of our experienced trainers.

For those of you who are interested, and feel that you at not born to live an average life here are some of the services that we offer for companies, groups, teams and institutions of all sizes.

I. Sales Explosion

Are you having trouble converting leads into sales? Or just wish you were selling more? It could be a combination of today’s consumers, and your techniques. The good news is—we can help.

High-performing sales people are doing something that the Internet cannot do. They are building relationships. You’ll learn to generate more leads, resulting in increased sales performance. We understand how enduring relationships lead to loyalty that creates a lucrative pipeline—and that ultimately catapults you over your goals.

You’ll learn how to build relationships from the very beginning, how to reveal buying motives using open-ended questions, how to take on objections, identify and act on buying signals, and how to ask for the sale. Discover the importance of maintaining strong relationships after the sale — for repeat business and referrals. Explore innovative ways to prospect, such as social media and networking.

How it will help you

For the first time, you’ll be able to examine the sales process as a whole, and how each stage builds the relationship and advances the sale. You’ll appreciate the value of planning and prospecting, and begin to recognize the need to put customers first. And when all is said and done? You’ll be pleased with your enhanced ability to gain new business.

Sales Training Programs aims to develop different aspects of your employee’s personality to help them become the best salesperson they can possibly be.
The objectives of our sales training programs are as follows: ownership of actions and results, focusing on possibilities rather than barriers, effective selling methods, covert and overt influential skills, sales closing strategies and many more. While we designed our training programs with managers, sales people, and leaders in mind, anyone in your company can benefit from them. You can choose from any of our preset training packages, or you can customize a program that will sync in with the goals you want to achieve.

II. Productivity Training Course

Your future success depends on your productivity.

It is important to notice that, you are not paid for amount work you do. Rather, you are paid for the progress and productivity.

Sadly, it is possible to have ‘busy but NON-productive days’.

Busyness is a measure of the AMOUNT of work done.

Productivity is a measure of the VALUE of your work.

Productivity training is about banishing bad days, and making each day more productive.

Benefits of this Productivity Training course

Our improving productivity training course will help you to become:

More productive but less busy

More organised

Less stressed

More motivated

III. Team Success Workshops

We work directly with your team in a workshop environment to help get them on the same page and be more efficient and effective.

We’ll help you screen out team members who need to move on, and then work with you to find new team members who are a fit if appropriate.

You’ll immediately feel a greater sense of being in control, pride in your team, and enjoy a business that works more smoothly because the whole team is on board.

IV. Leadership Training.

The role and title of a leader is never by accident, it’s either a conscious choice made by a leader or the belief of others in the organization creates it.

Once, in that position the responsibility not only increases but is also at different levels. At one level it’s about leading, at another level it’s about bringing in massive change or handling the massive change and yet at another level it is now all about creating great leaders! Sometimes it’s all of them together.

Hence, in any organization, the role played by the leader is very important, critical and can at times become a ‘make or break’ situation. While some people might feel that they are natural-born leaders who need no training, many others can also be transformed into leaders and better leaders via training.

We offer leadership programs that aim to develop both current and aspiring leaders. It is important to understand that a leader once at that level is anyways carrying a plethora of knowledge and experience. We have designed a carefully curated Leadership Program that aims to facilitate leadership transformation keeping this in mind which can really help a leader transcend to the next level.

Our approach to leadership training has a transformational effect on its participants. Our skilled trainers tap into the inner leader within each individual using a combination of breakthrough activities, experiential activities, case studies, and experiential activities. If desired we can also integrate esoteric sciences with scientific tools to make it a great experience.

V. Motivational Programs

Program Outline

Importance of Motivation

Power of Self Motivation

Maintain Enthusiasm and Commitment towards your goal

Importance of Emotional Quotient

Importance of Confidence Building

Realize your Strengths and Weaknesses

Importance of Positive Attitude

Importance of Learning Vs Judgmental attitude

Importance of Grateful Attitude

Importance of Happy Attitude

Importance of Giving Attitude

Importance of Sense of Ownership

Power of Positive Thinking

Shedding Self Defeating Habits

Dealing with Negative Influences

Self Awareness, Self Analysis

Importance of Character building for Success

Success Tips

Importance of being a Good Human Being

Mantras for Success and Happiness

Triggering motivation and sustaining motivation is the ultimate fuel for achieving the best in all areas of life. However, being motivated from within is a result of something deeper and hence the deeper aspects have to be triggered for sustained passion and motivation.

Else, motivation during a training program can be superficial and can fade away within weeks, sometimes days and even minutes post the motivational training program.

However, it cannot be denied that the ability to motivate is a critical component in any group setting. Regardless of the position an individual is holding, learning motivation skills is crucial to take your business operations to the next level. Developing this skill from the ground up can be tough, but it is possible with the help of the right training program. If you are looking for corporate training programs that focus on building motivational skills, your search ends here.

VI. Time Management Training

Being able to manage time is essential for any organization to achieve success. Efficient time management boosts productivity, reduces stress, and improves decision making, just to name 3 benefits. It all starts with making the decision to include time management as part of your priorities. One of the best ways to assert this commitment is to develop the right habits amongst your employees and teams.

We all know that time management is just self management, done is such a way that we are able to do more, achieve more and are able to balance all areas of life in the given, available time. This might look like a dream but is definitely achievable and many are already enjoying it by using time tested tools and methods that we cover in our time management corporate training programs.

A well designed Time Management Workshop which caters specifically to your company and its employees is what you need to get going. We at are committed to providing the best for your organization.
Our time management workshops consists of multiple steps, with each one helping you build your company’s methods and habits from the ground up.

The process involved in our training program includes experiential learning, brainstorming and detailed discussions, insightful sessions, activities, and time tested strategies that just work!!! We customize all of our programs according to the client’s needs and the type of business outcome they desire. Among the highlights of this training program include “The Power of Willingness”, “using the mind to build rather than break”, “habit formations and breaking unwanted habits”, “emotional mastery”, and “a tool box for mastery”.

VII. Stress Management Workshop

What is stress for one person might be an exciting activity for another!!!! Hence, although we feel stress is because of outside factors, it is always inside! The good news is, if its inside it can be managed, changed and then transformed!

Stress is an inevitable part of any growing organization. If left uncontrolled, it can tear any organization apart. It can even literally drive people crazy. This is why it is necessary for members of any company to learn different techniques used for managing stress in the workplace and beyond.
We have conducted some of the most successful stress management workshops across the country.

We have worked with hundreds of employees in organizations such as, Tata, SBI, LIC to name a few; enabling them to successfully manage their stress and achieve a well balanced Peak Performance Life.
One of the unique things about our stress management training plans is that they go beyond business. We recognise that one way for any professional to reach his/her full potential is being stress-free in both their professional and personal life.
Our background is as a hypnotherapist, life coach and NLP therapist have helped them transform lives of many employees. Working with so many people across different organisations has allowed the team to leverage their experience to create a powerful stress management workshop.

Our Training Plans help you achieve this by building your emotional mastery, helping you find and eliminate root causes, building internal strength, powerful breathing exercises, and using food as medicine. All our programs utilize a combination of clinically-proven relaxation techniques and cognitive training methods that will help participants get by in even the most demanding of circumstances.

VIII. Conflict Management Training

Conflicts are inevitable and surprisingly important and beneficial for growth, better thinking and better possibility. Conflicts obviously means there is someone or many who are thinking differently which means many more possibilities exist. What is required is conflict management, in such a way that it benefits the masses.

Properly managing conflicts is necessary for any kind of organization. Ineffective conflict management can bring any organization to its knees. Conflict Management skills are one of the most coveted amongst leaders in any company. Percolating these skills to leaders at every level of the organization is a critical element to achieving success for companies.
Our expert corporate training consultants might just be the solution you need. Our conflict management training programs have been designed with the aim of building each individual’s ability to appreciate differences, respect them, and build meaningful relationships with clear purpose and intent converting a conflict into powerful relationships.

We make use of different proven methods that will help develop each participant’s ability to manage conflicts in and out of the workplace. We make use of discussions, experiential learning programs, videos, presentations, questionnaires, role playing programs, and practice of techniques. Some of the programs included in our training system include conflict simulation which helps experience the dynamics, working with perceptions, dynamics of the human mind, and emotional mastery. Just like our other programs, our clients can customize their program according to the type of learning and outcomes they are looking for.

IX. Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiation is both an art and a science. The ability to negotiate with all kinds of people, from peers to clients, is always a valuable asset. There is always a way for both sides to get the best out of any transaction; it is all about approaching the situation correctly.

Negotiation skills training program comes into the picture. A tactical workshop, the main aim of this workshop is to equip your employees with the right information and interpersonal tools. Our program is geared towards equipping you and your team “the right stuff”.

Our negotiation skills training makes use of different materials and programs to help each participant fully harness his/her potential as a negotiator. Insightful sessions, covert and overt influencing skills, discovery based discussions, the art of asking questions and role playing activities are just some of the methods to be used in our unique training system. Just like most of our other services, the outline and methods to be used can be modified according to the objectives and goals of our clients. Learn people management; overcome the fear of failure, and more with the help of our professional trainers.

X. Team Building Training

Teams that operate as a ‘high performing team’ produce results that look like magic and that too seemingly in an effortless way and team that do not operate in synergy can create disasters. Teams are rarely ever built overnight. There has to be that catalyst that will blend the different individuals within your company together. This can only be achieved with shared experience, openness, trust and a deeper understanding of group dynamics. One of the ways to boost this process in an enterprise is through effective team building sessions led by professionals.

Team building workshops are a part of our corporate training repertoire. We have both the resources and the know-how to provide the ideal team building training programs for your company. Team building, learning and growing is an ongoing journey and there is always something to learn!

Our team building programs aim to achieve a wide number of objectives. Our programs are designed to heighten collaboration between teams and its members, align individual goals with organisational goals, resolve conflicts in a productive manner, and help break mental barriers, achieve goals, and foster a team spirit that will help companies survive even the toughest of times.

To achieve these objectives, has created a set of activities that the team will perform together. By the end of the program, the aim is to install the importance of individual members and help them achieve bigger things by choosing to work together.

Investing in development is crucial to give your company an edge in an ever-changing corporate landscape. If you’re looking for training programs, you got to look for the best. Get in touch with us to implement the next most productive training/workshop for your company aimed to help you grow and take it to the next level.

XI. Personality Development Program

Program Outline

Self Awareness / Self Analysis

How to build a Positive Personality

Importance of Self Confidence

How to build Self Confidence

Positive Thinking and Motivation

The Power of Positive Attitude and Emotions

Career Planning

Goal Setting

How to be Self-motivated

Character Building

Importance of Values

Importance of being a Good Human Being

Importance of Good Habits

Effective Leadership skills

Effective Communication Skills

Effective Non-Verbal Communication

Active Listening

People Skills

Effective Interpersonal Skills

Team Work

Personal Grooming

Personal Hygiene

X. Financial Management

Business professionals need to understand the financial factors critical to business success. This interactive training seminar will show how finance works in today’s fast-moving business environment. For any business the key elements of profitability, liquidity and financial structure are critical to continuing success and competitiveness. So these three elements are comprehensively explored and developed at all levels of business activity.

You will learn about the accounting processes of recording and reporting business transactions, and how these are summarised as periodic financial reports in accordance with statutory requirements. You will also learn how these financial reports are analysed by a variety of user groups.

The training seminar also has an inward focus, and will explain why management accounting is essential to business survival, and success. It will show how budgeting can control costs and improve profitability. It will explain and develop tools and techniques for evaluating proposed new investment projects. The training seminar will enable you to understand the business from both a financial and strategic perspective, and how business decisions will impact on corporate profitability.

Highlights of the training seminar:

The strategic and operational role of the Finance Function

The principles of accounting and financial reporting

How to understand and analyse financial reports

How management accounting helps to maintain control and improve efficiency

How we can ensure that investment returns meet the stockholders expectations


Having completed this training seminar you should be able to:

Explain the nature and role of financial statements and their interpretation

Use the language of accounting and finance to communicate effectively with financial professionals

Review the financial performance and financial position of an organisation using the appropriate financial ratio and break-even analysis techniques

Use budgetary control to compare actual against planned performance and to identify corrective actions

Evaluate investment projects using DCF and other appraisal methods

Training Methodology

This interactive training seminar will comprise a range of learning activities, including tutor presentations, with question and answer opportunities, demonstration and practice of analytical techniques, group exercises and discussions, using case studies and current company and market information sources..